"CHASING GOPHERS BAREFOOT: Prairie Children of the 1930s" exhibit opens on Saturday, July 16

Join us at 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 16, for the grand opening of the Kule Folklore Centre (KuFC) and the Alberta Society for the Advancement of Ukrainian Studies (ASAUS) new exhibit "CHASING GOPHERS BAREFOOT: Prairie Children of the 1930s"

The new exhibit which is on loan to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village for the remainder of our summer season, is based on the Local Culture and Diversity on the Prairies research project that created a large repository of recorded interviews which documented everyday life, ethnic identity and regional variation among people of Ukrainian, French, German and English heritage on the prairies up to 1939.

The exhibit uses recollections of adults to re-create the worlds of childhood and tells stories about everyday life of children on a farm and on the streets of a small town, at the school, the church, and the community hall. It explores the clothing that formed the most personal aspect of ‘making do’ in the 1930s, scarcity of food and rare and unforgettable treats, but also toys, games, reading, music, and sports.

Visitors can come and view the exhibit which is in the Hilliard Pool Hall from Wednesday to Sunday until September 5 and on September 10 at our final event of the season, Harvest of the Past.