United Merchants of Alberta General Store

Help us stock a general store.

The United Merchants of Alberta General Store was built in 1932 in Smoky Lake, Alberta. It was stocked with an assortment of merchandise including grocery items, clothing, fabric, sewing supplies, small tools, hardware, stationary and housewares.

This Store has been moved to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. When the building opens at this museum, it will once again be furnished with the merchandise that was sold in the early 1930s. Most packaged goods will be reproduced so they look new. By displaying reproductions, the rare and fragile historic items may be preserved in storage.

Some of the products that originally furnished the store are listed. Let us know if you have items that were available by the 1930


Becky Dahl

Curator, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village


780-662-3855 (ext. 1195)

Products Required for General Store

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Clothing, Textiles, Notions

  • Clothing with original store tags
  • Clothing in original box
  • Boots
  • Hat and hat box
  • Hosiery
  • Knitwear box
  • Mittens
  • Overshoes
  • Shoes in shoe box
  • Socks
  • Spats
  • Bobbie pins package
  • Buttons on display card
  • Crochet cotton box
  • Elastic package
  • Insoles, shoe
  • Kotex box
  • Safety pins package
  • Sewing pins box
  • Sewing needle package
  • Shoe lace package
  • Tape measure
  • Thread in box
  • Yarn, unused

Personal Care and Household

  • Cosmetic cream jar (Ponds)
  • Cleanser tin (Old Dutch)
  • Lye tin (Royal Crown)
  • Scrubber (Chore Girl)
  • Shaving cream tube
  • Shoe polish tin (Nugget)
  • Soap cake box (Bon Ami)
  • Soap flakes box (Chipso)
  • Soap flakes box (Princess)
  • Soap powder box (Bon Ami)
  • Soap powder box (Royal Crown)
  • Soap (Palmolive)
  • Toothpaste tube in a box


  • Envelopes in original box
  • Erasers in original box
  • Geometry set
  • Glue bottle
  • Ink bottle
  • Paint tin, water colors
  • Pen nibs in original box
  • Paper clips in original box
  • Pencil lead refill container
  • Rubber bands box
  • Stamp pad


  • Axle grease tin
  • Bolt box
  • Battery (Burgess B) -has stripes
  • Kalsomine box
  • Kerosene drum
  • Linoleum runners (unused rolls)
  • Matches (Eddy’s)
  • Oiler can display box
  • Paint can – floor paint
  • Sweeping compound metal drum
  • Wall finish box (Albastine)
  • Wall finish box (Kalsolyte)


  • Tobacco tin (Macdonald’s)
  • Tobacco tin (Old Chum)
  • Tobacco package (Ogden’s Cut Plug)
  • Tobacco package (Sweet Caporal)
  • Tobacco package (Turret)


  • Candy pail
  • Corn syrup tin (Edwardsburg)
  • Cereal box (Kellogg’s All Bran)
  • Cereal box (Kellogg’s Rice Krispies) Cereal (Quaker Corn Flakes)
  • Chocolate bar wrapper(Neilson’s)
  • Coffee tin (Braid’s)
  • Coffee tin (Nabob)
  • Cream Sodas box (Som Mor)
  • Baking powder tin (Magic)
  • Beans tin (Aylmer)
  • Bean sack
  • Beets tin (Aylmer)
  • Dairy crate (South Edmonton Creamery)
  • Dill pickle jar or tin (Red Cross)
  • Flour sack (Robin Hood)
  • Cake flour box (Swans Down)
  • Fruit crate, apples (Blue Goose)
  • Fruit crate, oranges
  • Herring keg
  • HP sauce bottle (Garton’s)
  • Icing sugar box
  • Jello package
  • Ketchup bottle (Heinz)
  • Lard tin (Swift’s Silverleaf)
  • Mustard jar (French’s)
  • Peaches tin (Aylmer)
  • Peanut sack
  • Peanut butter tin (Squirrel)
  • Pineapple tin (Aylmer)
  • Pop bottle (Orange Crush)
  • Pop crate (Orange Crush)
  • Prunes crate
  • Pumpkin tin (Libby’s)
  • Rice sack
  • Rolled oats sack (Robin Hood)
  • Rolled oats box (Quaker)
  • Royal City Brand box
  • Salmon tin
  • Salt package (Windsor)
  • Sardine tin (Brunswick)
  • Sauer kraut tin (Libby’s)
  • Shortening tin (Crisco)
  • Sweet potatoes tin (Libby’s)
  • Tea package (Braid’s)
  • Tea package (Red Rose)
  • Tea crate (Red Rose)
  • Tomatoes tin (Aylmer)
  • Tomatoes tin (Libby’s)
  • Tomatoes tin (OP)
  • Tomatoes tin (Royal City)
  • Vinegar bottle (Heinz)
  • Yeast box (Royal)


  • Sign, “Comfort” tobacco
  • Sign, GWG overalls
  • Sign, Turret cigarettes
  • Sign, Martin-Senour